Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Room 14 and 15 were playing a game called Capture the Flag.
First Miss King precisely explained the rules and the roles to us. In the beginning we got divided into teams. Everyone in room 14 and 15 all had different roles to do like guarding the flag area, running to get the flag and rescuing. Capture the flag is a easy and tactical game to play. I kept on getting out, but Darius kept on rescuing me. I was gratefully rescued.

We got the first three points. I had to run after my opponent because he had the flag.I heard lots of people shouting "Spartans".We got five scores and Room 14 got one score. At the end of the game we celebrated by playing a picking up rubbish game. We won that too.

I felt excited playing Capture the flag because that was my first time playing it.