Monday, February 27, 2012

My Life By Gabriel

Kia Ora, my name is Gabriel and I live in Glen Innes. I am full Maori and this is my life. This is me in the middle of the photo. The bottom left corner represents the Holy Bible. I believe in the Bible so that I can go to Heaven. The bottom right corner represents the VODAFONE WARRIORS!! That is my favorite team in the NRL (National Rugby League) They are the only team I like. The top left corner represents food. I just love food. I just don't like vegetables. Only fruit. But I love takeaways. My favorite food of all is Butter Chicken from Sylvia Park. They cook the best. The final thing is the Flags. I am proud to be a a full Maori. Thanks for looking at my life. No reira Tena Kotou, Tena Kotou, Tena Kotou ka Toa.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Netball Coaching

NOOOOO!!!!! When I found out that Room 21 was going to have netball training with Liz I was so angry. I mean boys don’t play netball. Only girls do. I’d rather play Rugby League or Cricket. Those are real boy games. But I have to go with the flow.

The first thing we learnt was chest passing the ball. To do this, you have to hold the ball at your chest then push it real hard. This is the easiest pass to do in netball, and it is the easiest pass to get the ball to your teammate.

The next thing we learnt was how to jump. So Liz put down some hurdles and made the person opposite us, chest pass the ball while we jumped over the hurdle and caught the ball. Once we caught the ball, we had to do a pivot and chest passed it to the person behind us.

After hurdles, we played a game. It was like netball, but you don’t shoot the ball in the hoop. You had to shoot it on a dot in the corner of the court. But there was a bit of a problem. The dot was inside a diamond. Doesn’t sound hard right? Wrong! You weren't allowed to step in the diamond. At the end of the game, my team won 6 points to 4. I scored two points.

I really like netball now even though I’m a boy. Now I just can’t wait for every netball coaching every Thursday. I CANT WAIT!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Pie Graph

This is my pie graph about what is the favourite fast food in the class. Check It out. Carls Jnr has topped the room 21 fast food.

Friday, February 3, 2012

My Holidays In RotoVegas

In the holidays, I went to my home town in Rotorua. It’s my home town because all my family lives down there and I was born there. I call it, Rotovegas.

In Rotorua, I went to a beach called Pukehina. Their mussels are big as. So we went diving and then found some mussels and pipis to take home with us. When I got home, I cooked them on the barbecue, with the help of my dad.

The next day, we went to Querty falls to jump off the jetty. It was 6 meters deep. My sister was scared because there was a lot of trout, eel, and other fish in the lake. But I wasn’t scared I just jumped.

It was the end of the holidays and back to school for me. But at least I had fun in the holidays.