Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NRL Grand Final

NRL (National Rugby League) has been continuing from 1908 and it is now 2010. Can you believe that! The Grand Finals are what I am talking about. I reckon the best grand final I saw was probably Canberra Raiders vs Balmain Tigers. Canberra won that. This year's one was a pretty good one when the Sydney Roosters went head to head with the St. George Illawara Dragons. If Roosters won that, they would be the second ever team to go from last all the way into first place. Sadly the Dragons won. The Dragons were first on the top for the whole season. So it was no doubt that the Dragons were going to win. But amazingly the Roosters scored the first tries. Making it eight points to nil at half-time. At the end of the game Dragons pulled out the victory making it thirty-two points to eight. They were 2010’s Premiership Winners. There is always next year for NRL. Who will win it? You will just have to watch it. P.S GO THE TIGERS!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Immersion Assembly Term 4

“I wonder what the new topic is?” I thought as I went to bed on the last night on the holidays. I was really desperate to find it out.. So when I got to school me and my brother saw alot of teachers dressed up as bumble-bees. “Hmmm, that’s interesting” my brother said. As soon as I got into the hall I saw the heading was Little Critters. “Cool” I said in amazement

Team 1 were the first to go up onto the stage. They had one of the two funniest acts. Mrs George (Leader of team 1) had a spider man mask on. They done a few poems like Insy Winsy spider and Little Miss Muff. While they were doing Insy Winsy and little Miss Mufff Miss Wild was squirting Mrs George with a water gun. As for Little Miss Muff, the spider sat on her shoulder and she ran away screaming.

The 2nd funniest act for me was team 4’s item. (The Bee Colony.) Mr Barks was the Queen Bee, and he is a man. That’s weird. He should of been a worker or something. Miss Squires (my teacher) was a worker, feeding the Queen Bee jelly. Straight after that the Queen had a baby. Then he was hot so the workers cooled him down. Next the Queen laided twins. The bee was hungry again. So the worker fed her some more jelly. And again she had another baby. So that is 4 in total.

I think this topic is going to be an exciting term with alot of bugs because I like bugs and insects. By Gabriel.

Monday, October 4, 2010