Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Poems

 Aotearoa, Aotearoa, what do you think of the place Aotearoa?
This is what I think.
Aotearoa the place I was raised in. I love this place to bits. From Rotorua to Auckland. Loving friends, Loving teachers, but most important, Loving family. Having fun, hanging out with friends is all apart of life. But living life is the main thing. 

Aotearoa, the place of many schools. I came from Western Heights Primary from down in Rotorua, all the way to Point England School. Best school in the world. Great students, great principals, but mainly great teachers. The school of many kids from near and far. Every person in the school represents their culture and are different in many ways. That's what a great school needs.

Aotearoa, the place I love to be. If I had some words to say, I'd say Theres no place I'd rather be.

Poem 2:
This poem I wrote at the museum with the help of Mrs Squires. Here it is.
Where I'm from I  taste pork bones lingering on my tongue.
Where I'm from I smell sulphur from the hotpools like my brother after a rugby league game.
Where I'm from I hear birds chirping as noisy as my mother.
Where I'm from I see constructional works just like my dad building a house.
Where I'm from I feel like a bird in a nest. Finally I'm Home.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


“YEAH!” I cheered. Finally athletics. The day I could show off all my skills. Last week on Thursday we had our athletics day. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in a good condition. My knee was bunged up. So I couldn’t compete that well. But I tried my best. I was going to represent my Takitimu team (Yellow) well.

The sport I was looking forward to was high jump. It was my best sport. I really enjoyed it because I wanted to test my jumping skills. I missed my first jump, so I gave it my all on the second try. Even though I landed on my head, I still made it. I couldn’t believe it. After the jump, the bar went up 15cms. It was so hard. Only two boys out of 25 made it. I got out. But at least I had fun.

The other sport I was looking forward to was discus. Discus was a fun sport enjoyed by all my family. This was my second favorite sport. Because it’s not about strength, it’s about technique. I threw the discus. Currently I was in 2nd place. But a big boy, Tana, threw it far and I was 3rd place. I knew I was going to get knocked out because my friend Darius was up next. He threw the discus and it just went more far than mine. I almost placed but I didn’t.

Every year I try my best, but this year I couldn’t compete at my best but I still had fun. I can’t wait for next year.

Friday, November 9, 2012

How To Make A Toy Hovercraft

How to make a toy Hovercraft:
What would I need?
A Bottle Top
A Balloon

This is for my cousin Henare

How to make it:
Step 1: Glue the bottle top to the cd. Make sure the the biggest part of the bottle top it closest to the hole.

Step 2: Put balloon over the top of the bottle top.

Step 3: Blow up balloon.

Step 4: Let if fly.

Thats how you make a Toy hovercraft.