Wednesday, May 29, 2013

SSW Week 4

In the misty distance over the rock landscape, I gaze far and wide for my dog. Statues and mist is all I see over the highrise, so its quite hard. A quick glance is all I need to find that massive rottweiler. “There!” I think to myself. Seeing him out of the corner of my eye, I chase after him towards the statues, but couldn't succeed. Uncatchable I stop in the middle of a circle.  Standing in this circle, I feel shivers down my spine. Nerves twitching. This was definitely the the scariest and weirdest feeling I’ve ever had.

Monday, May 13, 2013

A Suprise Visit From Will.I.Am

"OMG!!!" When I found out Will.I.Am was going to be at our school, I went CRAZY!!! I was pumped one day before he was coming. Unfortunately I was sick on that day so I had to stay home. The day he came I was at home, lying in bed. I was gutted, but life is life.

           "Mum look, we are on the news" I shouted to my mum. It was 6.00pm. I was watching 3 news then I called my mum to see my school on the news. He produced a very inspirational speech about his childhood and how he never gave up going for gold. To top it off, he gave Manaiakalani Education Trust $100,000!! I still couldn't believe it.

           "Mum listen to this". My mum and I were watching Will.I.Am producing his inspirational speech. He was talking about what he did in his life. He said to us "without my friends and family, I would be here". "They have been a huge help to me." One of his dreams were to be apart of music. Music was his life, but the big thing for him to do in life was to take care of his mum. His mum was a big part of his life and he was grateful for that.

            I think Will.I.Am has been a huge inspiration to all of the students. He has been generous and we will not forget that. We will not forget the speech that he had done. When you dream big we live big just like Will.I.Am. I wouldn't mind him coming back because I wasn't there to see him. So I want him to come back if he can. 

My Holiday In Nelson

Yeah!! I cheer. My Rugby league club the Otahuhu Leopards travelled to Nelson for a holiday. We went to Nelson for a well earned ‘vacation’. We stayed at the Tahunanui Holiday Park. There was a mini golf course and a room full of games. IT WAS SO COOL.

It all started at the airport when we all got together. We were waiting on standby for 30 minutes so we used that time to go explore. I brought me a feed from McDonalds. It was a Big Mac combo.  I went back to my coach then we boarded the plane.

“Get ready strap your seat belts in and get ready” the flight attendant said through the speaker. We were about to take off to Nelson. I was all the way at the back sitting with my coach, while all the other boys were spread out. We were on a one way flight to Nelson. All we needed to do was kick back and enjoy the view.

“WOW!!!” I gaze in amazement. We all saw the view of the mountains as we were landing. We walk off the plane, then go straight to rent a car.  We rented a minivan to travel around. It is way cheaper than travelling in a taxi. So we decided that.

“OMG” I think to myself. The sight of the park was amazing. We travelled straight to the camp grounds. Tahunanui Holiday Park.  My team mates and I sprinted out of the van then went to the mini golf park. There was a mini golf course, go karts, a room full of computers and games like pool, arcade games and chess. We had a great day. I still couldn’t believe the sight of this holiday park.

“CRUNCH!” I bite into a steak and onion roll made by the number 1 fish and chip shop in New Zealand. The Sands Tahunanui Fish and Chips Shop it was called. Roy Gray and Bruce Maxfield own this shop. They cook the YUMMIEST chips in the world. My coach and team go there to the to get a great feed.

I think this Holiday ranks in the top 3 for the best holidays I’ve ever had. Great accommodation, great teammates, and great fish and chips. Put those three together, then you get a mean holiday.