Thursday, September 9, 2010

Christchurch Earthquake

At 4am Saturday morning, a devastating earthquake unexpectedly hit Christchurch when everyone was in bed asleep. People awoke to some tilted buildings and massive cracks in the ground, with rubble, bricks and glass shattered all over the city.

The extensive damage that happened in the earthquake were houses crumbled, tilted buildings and much more bad things. Roads were littered with bricks and glass that filled the cracks. But luckily Christchurch had some earthquake buildings so all of the buildings won't completely collapse.

Even after the earthquake, there were still dangers going around the city like the aftershocks. Potential diseases are lurking around the city, dangerous to the people due to the sewers blowing there tops and mixing with water, contaminating it.

Christchurch is a nice place and I hope that they are alright after that earthquake that unexpectedly hit. I feel really sad for the people there. I hope no one gets diseases as well. I hope you are alright Christchurch.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Australia vs Kiwis Test 2011

Australia are good in the four nations and the test matches. I am going strait ahead to 2011. So check out the Australia team. For the Australian team, here it is. 1. Billy Slater, 2. Jarryd Hayne, 3.Michael Jennings, 4. Greg Inglis, 5. Michael Gordon, 6. Jamie Soward, 7. Jonathan Thurston, 8. Michael Weyman, 9. Cameron Smith, 10. David Shillington, 11. Sam Thiday, 12. Ben Creagh, 13.Anthony Watmough, Interchange 14. Cooper Cronk, 15. Tom Learoyd Lahrs, 16. Darius Boyd, 17. Ashley Harrison. And now for the Kiwis team. 1. Lance Hohaia, 2. Sam Perret, 3. Jerome Ropati, 4. Steve Matai, 5. Manu Vatuvei, 6. Benji Marshall, 7. Keiran Foran, 8. Russell Packer, 9. Issac Luke, 10. Sam Rapira, 11. Simon Mannering, 12. Bronson Harrison, 13. Jared-Wawera Hargreves Inter Change 14. Aaron Heremaia, 15. Jesse Royal, 16. Junior Sau, 17. Nathan Fein. Those are the teams. GO THE KIWIS!!