Friday, June 25, 2010


'WOW' Was the only word going through my mind as this extravaganza movie ended. Right at the end was when I had a HUGE laugh when Rocky (Boy's brother stared at his dad ( Alimein) and asked him, How was Japan? Haha, You can have a laugh to.
It is a sad, sad but funny movie. A huge downer for Boy's or his real name Alimein is that his Mum had passed away, and his Nan was gone for like, literally a month meaning no one was at Boy's house to look after him. His Dad was sadly in jail. One Shocking evening, Alimein's Father ( Alimein ) pulled up in the drive way, and to Boy's amazement, his family was finally rich.
The only way to describe Boy is UN DESCRIBABLE!! Because there is lots of SAD parts and some bright sides to it.
If you haven't seen it than don't sit around. GO TO THE MOVIES AND WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!

My Favourite Singer Michael Jackson

Last year in 2009 Michael Jackson died,it was very sad because he was the king of pop. Michael Jackson had the best songs liked thriller, man in the mirror and heal the world.What a disasters!

When he arrived to his last performance "this is it" He told everyone there that it was his last show and when Michel Jackson started singing halfway through he fainted and never woke up. After a while lots of ambulances arrived and took him to the hospital but he still never woke up. And that was the last of Michel Jackson. But even though he is dead he will always be the king at what he does.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Brett and Josh Morris

Last year these two dynamic players,all together scored a total of 42 tries in only 27 rounds. "AMAZING!!!!" They are twins and Josh is just minutes older. Brett Morris has just now reached a total of 67 career tries while his brother has just 49. Brett's team is now currently 1st in the competion while josh's now in tenth with 8 points.
"EXCITEMENT" is the only word to describe them as! They are just unbelievable! If this was to be the GRAND FINAL, St George Illiwarra and the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, the intensity will be "AMAZING!!!!" Obviesley I would want the Vodafone Warriors to make it in the GRAND FINAL but with the St George Illiwarra Dragons and The Canterbury Banks-town Bulldogs, the atmosphere will be THRILLING!!
This is why these two twins are currently my best players in all NRL..
I would like to thank this website for the pictures of these cute twins....

Monday, June 14, 2010

Gabriel Rugby Academy

On Friday the 3rd of June we had some people come from the rugby academy. Their names were Villi, Michael, T, Sam, John and one more of their mates whose name I don't know. We had Michael and Villi to train with while the others went to train with the other classes.

First we did some relays where we had to move the ball around our body and under our legs. Starford's team won most of them. (They were team three). Our next activity we did was just normal running relays. After that we did some more running relays but this time when we got to the cones we had to do five star-jumps. Waata cheated because he just went up and down.

Groups 1 and 2 then had to join lines to play a game called pass the boxing bag. Groups 3 and 4 had to do the same. We were having so much fun as we passed the boxing bag along the line. I was at the end of the line and I had to run back with it. It was quite heavy and difficult to run with. Versing Starford was hard because he is one of the strongest in the class and he is the fastest.

Villi then taught us a new game called run around. Run around is a game where you have to run around until Michael calls out a number. Sprinting as fast as we could you had to look for that number in a group like if he calls out three, you have to get into groups of three. We played two games. The winners of the first game were Rita and Oshania. The winners of the second game was Starford and Kobe.

The next game we played was bull rush. In the first game Starford and Mary were in and the second game Kobe and Rita were in. They had to choose a colour and if we had that colour we had to try make it to the other end. The winner of the first game was Te Rina. The winners of the second game were Oshania and Me.

Next we had to say goodbye to the Rugby Academy people because we had to give the other rooms a turn to train. We then went on to the bottom field to play touch and have some more fun. The people who didn't do their homework had to sit down by the edge of the playground. Eventually we had a turn to play with only 5 minutes to go.

What a fun day we had with the Rugby Academy people come and visit. I wish they could come and visit again because I play for the school and want some more tips about playing rugby.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Michael Jennings

Michael Jennings is one of my favourite players in the NRL because he has speed, agility and strenght. He playes for the Penrith Panthers. He is an amazing center because he is one of the top-try scores in his team. Jennings is the best center in the comp (for me apart from G.I Greg Ingles). Once Jennings has side stepped someone he is gone like a bullet. Even though Jennings is small he still has more talent then any center in the NRL. I hope he gets picked for NSW. GO JENNINGS!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


NSW have lost to QLD in game one in State Of Origin, but that doesn't make a different between them because there are two more rounds to try win. In a nice debut for NSW bulldogs center Jamel Idris and Dragons winger Brett Morris. I think the first tryscores for NSW are going to be Jarryd Hayne, Jamel Idris Brett Morris. For QLD Darius Boyd, Billy Slater and Darren Lockeyer. My favourite player is in the NSW is everyone and in QLD it is Billy Slater and Greg Ingles. GO THE BLUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!