Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Our Semi-Final

“WHOA!” I think to myself as we head into the Semi Finals. “Kedgley is a big school with Massive boys.” In our rugby season, we are versing Kedgley Intermediate for the Semi Finals. The winner of this game advances into the Grand Final at Eden Park. We knew this wouldn’t be easy.

“There goes the whistle!” Mr Marks yells to the team. We were kicking off first. Our captain Lepa kicked it straight to a man called Dakotah. He plays for Mangere East in rugby league. Through out this half, there were hard tackles and line breaking runs. Finally, We went over the line with Tui. All the forwards had pushed him over the line and we scored. "YEAH" the crowd roared. But Kedgley Scroed straight after that. Going into half time, it was 7 points to 5.

"Yes" I said to myself. The reason why I said yes was because Kedgley were kicking off to us. But unfortunatly, they scroed first. Dakotah kicked it over for an extra 2 points. We quickly kicked off to them and with all the pressure on them, they knocked the ball on. After that, Samuela caught the ball from an intercept. He ran 20 metres. 10 meters out, we charged over the line to score again. Lepa missed the kick which made it to 12-10.  At the end of the game we lost 26-15.

We have had fun this season. We gave our fans 3 cheers and we gave our coaches 3 cheers. It was so emotional but a cool experiance. I can't wait for next year.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

What If I Was Blind??

What if I was blind? How could I live? It would be a hard life. I would be as blind as a bat. There are some ups and downs to being blind and here they are.

YEAH! These are the ups about being blind. It is easier to make it into the paralympics. Instead of versing people that are in good conditions, vs people that are blind or something like me. You could have someone that gets your food and stuff for you. Another up about being blind is that you can wear mean as glasses.

Then there's some downers. Obviously you can’t see anything, having to walk around with a stick, you won’t be able to play video games and you can’t play rugby. To me, it would be like torture as hot as fire. It wouldn't be a good life for me.

What I’m saying is that it wouldn’t be cool being blind. I couldn’t live with myself if I was blind. But if you are blind, that’s how life is.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What If I Was A Billionaire?

What if I was a billionaire?
A billion dollars.......... What could I buy with that much money. I would be as rich as Donald Trump. I think to myself, what if I was a billionaire?

I would have a mansion, and a massive pool if I was that rich. Heaps of cars like a ferrari. I would also donate money towards the cancer society. But if If was that rich, people should put my face on the coins. Thats when everyone would know the name of Gabriel Inia.

Having this much money..... I would be so happy. I would hire security and live a good life. Doing anything I want, have anything I want. I WOULD BE INVINCIBLE!! Thats what I’d do if I was a billionaire.

What If I Had Super Powers?

What if I had superpowers? It would be SO COOL! I would be invincible. Be a superhero and be famous for saving the city. Everyone would love me. But I think to myself. What would I do with those superpowers. That’s what I wonder. But It would be so cool.

My main superpowers would be invisible and flying. I would be called the invisible bee. Sting like a bee and as stealthy as a cat. Thats what I’d do if I had superpowers.

Saving the world would be a dream for me. I would love to do it any day any time. Being the boss of the city. I wouldn't be the villain because I love people so I won't kill them. That's all I dream about. I know this won't be possible to have super powers but I would love to have them.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Our Mini-Olympics

YEAH!! Once I heard we were having a Mini-Olympics, I was so EXCITED! I couldn’t wait for it. Team 4 and 5 gathered together in the hall to get ready for the Mini-Olympics. Our teams were told what our rotations were and went on our way.

 I was in Taki 1 and we were up against Tainui 2. Our first activity was running relays with Mr Burt. The first relay we did was tennis ball hop. We had to put the tennis ball between our legs while hopping to a bucket where we drop it into. Unfortunately, we lost. The next relay we did was with a hula-hoop. We had to swing it around our arm while walking to the red line. “YEAH!” I cheered as we won that relay. The final thing we did was tennis ball shoot. We had to shoot the tennis ball into the bucket. Two rounds we competed in. My team lost the first round but won the second.

After those relays I was feeling great. Taki 1 then headed towards the library to see what Mrs Flavelle had in store for us. When we entered, I saw icing sugar and felt tips. I knew this would be interesting. Mrs Flavelle made us choose between a shell of                      a`biscuit. We had to decorate them with one of the two ingredients. I chose felt tips. Our theme was the Olympics. I drew the New Zealand flag. It wasn't great, but it was still good. This activity was cool, but not one of my favorites.

After that cool activity with Mrs Flavelle, I was calm and relaxed. Then I found out we had to jump jam. “OHH NOO!” I said to myself. We had to go to room 17 to do jump jam with Miss Muliaumaseali’i (Miss M). Our dance that we were doing was called ‘Pump It’. Miss M gave both teams 50 points. You could earn more  from dancing really well, or you could lose some for sitting down. We earned some because we performed it two times. It was so cool. At the end of the session, I was so puffed out. Thankfully we headed to the hall to watch PENN.

I really enjoyed this morning because its better than writing and reading. Also, I got to hang out with my mates. It was a fun morning and I hope we could do it again.