Tuesday, December 7, 2010

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Dead Cockroach
Pizza Ingredients:
Pizza Base (Mrs Tele’a)
1x200 g Pepperoni Stick or pre cut in a sealed container(
1x200 g Diced Bacon(Gabe)
1x200 g Salami or pre cut in sealed container - Mild - Hot
100 g of Lean Mince Beef(Cruz)
1 tin of Pizza Paste / Tomato Paste(Cruz)
1 Bag of grated cheese(Josh)

if you are using doe then puff up and roll out and flatten with raised edges (The Crust) or if using base put onto a pizza pan.
Cover the pizza base in the tomato paste use about 3 quarters of the tin.
Put a small layer of cheese on the base.
Then cut and spreed the pepperoni and salami use about 3 quarters of the sticks/ packets.
place the diced bacon around the pizza base as well.
Then put another light layer of cheese over the ingredients.
Use the last quarter of the Pepperoni / salami with the lean Mince Beef spreed out on the base.
Cover once again in Cheese.

I have got the Recipe from:http://www.lifestylefood.com.au/recipes/10124/meat-lovers-pizza-goody-style

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

All Time Dream Team

This is my all time dream team. I hope you like it. They are called the Stingers.

Fullback Darren Lockeyer. Wingers E.T (Andrew Ettinghousen) and Hazem El Magic. Centres are Mel Maninger and Brett Mullins. Five-Eight is Wally Lewis (C) and Halfback is Andrew Johns (Above). Props Steven Price and Shane Webcke. Hooker Ben Ellias. Second rows are Gorden Tallis and Steve Menzies. Lock is Bradly Clyde. Interchange is Sonny Bill-Williams, Ruben Wiki, Paul Gallen and Wendell Sailor.

Thats my all time dream team.

Monday, November 15, 2010

West Tigers

NRL (National Rugby League) is made of many teams but my favorite team is The West Tigers. They have many talented players like Benji Marshall (left), captain Robbie Farrah (above), Lote Tuqiri, Chris Heighington, Chris Lawrence and many more. The West Tigers have only 1 grand final and that was 2005 when they beat the North Queensland Cowboys. This year, the Tigers made it in the finals but they got knocked out by the Gold Coast Titans. May be next year they will win the grand final like in 2005.

The End

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NRL Grand Final

NRL (National Rugby League) has been continuing from 1908 and it is now 2010. Can you believe that! The Grand Finals are what I am talking about. I reckon the best grand final I saw was probably Canberra Raiders vs Balmain Tigers. Canberra won that. This year's one was a pretty good one when the Sydney Roosters went head to head with the St. George Illawara Dragons. If Roosters won that, they would be the second ever team to go from last all the way into first place. Sadly the Dragons won. The Dragons were first on the top for the whole season. So it was no doubt that the Dragons were going to win. But amazingly the Roosters scored the first tries. Making it eight points to nil at half-time. At the end of the game Dragons pulled out the victory making it thirty-two points to eight. They were 2010’s Premiership Winners. There is always next year for NRL. Who will win it? You will just have to watch it. P.S GO THE TIGERS!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Immersion Assembly Term 4

“I wonder what the new topic is?” I thought as I went to bed on the last night on the holidays. I was really desperate to find it out.. So when I got to school me and my brother saw alot of teachers dressed up as bumble-bees. “Hmmm, that’s interesting” my brother said. As soon as I got into the hall I saw the heading was Little Critters. “Cool” I said in amazement

Team 1 were the first to go up onto the stage. They had one of the two funniest acts. Mrs George (Leader of team 1) had a spider man mask on. They done a few poems like Insy Winsy spider and Little Miss Muff. While they were doing Insy Winsy and little Miss Mufff Miss Wild was squirting Mrs George with a water gun. As for Little Miss Muff, the spider sat on her shoulder and she ran away screaming.

The 2nd funniest act for me was team 4’s item. (The Bee Colony.) Mr Barks was the Queen Bee, and he is a man. That’s weird. He should of been a worker or something. Miss Squires (my teacher) was a worker, feeding the Queen Bee jelly. Straight after that the Queen had a baby. Then he was hot so the workers cooled him down. Next the Queen laided twins. The bee was hungry again. So the worker fed her some more jelly. And again she had another baby. So that is 4 in total.

I think this topic is going to be an exciting term with alot of bugs because I like bugs and insects. By Gabriel.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Christchurch Earthquake

At 4am Saturday morning, a devastating earthquake unexpectedly hit Christchurch when everyone was in bed asleep. People awoke to some tilted buildings and massive cracks in the ground, with rubble, bricks and glass shattered all over the city.

The extensive damage that happened in the earthquake were houses crumbled, tilted buildings and much more bad things. Roads were littered with bricks and glass that filled the cracks. But luckily Christchurch had some earthquake buildings so all of the buildings won't completely collapse.

Even after the earthquake, there were still dangers going around the city like the aftershocks. Potential diseases are lurking around the city, dangerous to the people due to the sewers blowing there tops and mixing with water, contaminating it.

Christchurch is a nice place and I hope that they are alright after that earthquake that unexpectedly hit. I feel really sad for the people there. I hope no one gets diseases as well. I hope you are alright Christchurch.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Australia vs Kiwis Test 2011

Australia are good in the four nations and the test matches. I am going strait ahead to 2011. So check out the Australia team. For the Australian team, here it is. 1. Billy Slater, 2. Jarryd Hayne, 3.Michael Jennings, 4. Greg Inglis, 5. Michael Gordon, 6. Jamie Soward, 7. Jonathan Thurston, 8. Michael Weyman, 9. Cameron Smith, 10. David Shillington, 11. Sam Thiday, 12. Ben Creagh, 13.Anthony Watmough, Interchange 14. Cooper Cronk, 15. Tom Learoyd Lahrs, 16. Darius Boyd, 17. Ashley Harrison. And now for the Kiwis team. 1. Lance Hohaia, 2. Sam Perret, 3. Jerome Ropati, 4. Steve Matai, 5. Manu Vatuvei, 6. Benji Marshall, 7. Keiran Foran, 8. Russell Packer, 9. Issac Luke, 10. Sam Rapira, 11. Simon Mannering, 12. Bronson Harrison, 13. Jared-Wawera Hargreves Inter Change 14. Aaron Heremaia, 15. Jesse Royal, 16. Junior Sau, 17. Nathan Fein. Those are the teams. GO THE KIWIS!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Randy Orton

The Viper strikes. The Legend Killer or The Viper A.K.A Randy Orton was one of the youngest wrestlers to win any championship like the World Heavyweight Champion or WWE Championship. Randy Orton has won multiple championships like the World Heavyweight Champion, WWE Championship and the World Tag Team championship with former partner the Rated-R Superstar Edge.
When Orton came to WWE he joined a group called Evolution with Triple H, Ric Flair, Batista and himself. Randy Orton was a bad person but now he is a good person and my sister wishes he was her husband along with Jarryd Hayne.
In the start of 2009 he started a group called Legacy. His team was the million dollar son Ted Dibiase and third generation superstar Cody Rhodes. When he was with them he actually won the 2009 Royal Rumble (just because he had help.) His Signature move is the RKO.
Thats all about Randy Orton.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Having to draw Mrs Tele'a wierd!!!!!!

As our topic for this term we have been very busy finding out about the different angles we can use to find out the shape of a map. The extension kids have been assigned to do a project that is all about maps and Scales. So far we have learnt about the different ways the satellites mind thinks of it's shape and colour. Back to the topic well Mrs Tele'a had said that we had to draw her not because she just wanted to but because she wanted us to know what different angles were like to draw. She wanted us to know how it would be like to be sort of like a satellite

Josh Dugan

Josh Dugan is one of my favourite fullbacks because of his tremendous speed,agility and power that he has to get over a try line. I like his determination and courage for his team and my best future team the Canberra Raiders. He also plays for the country team which includes good players such as Luke Burt. He was also one of the best U20 players that I have ever seen play.

Josh has a way that just gets him over the line and makes tackle busts and also makes line breaks. I like the way he plays even though the Raiders aren't in the top eight they are still playing good footy. He is a really determined player that I would love to have on my team if I was the coach for the Raiders. He should play in the QLD(Queensland)team which are made up of the best players. Or play for NSW(New South Wales). Well either one even if he does not play for Queenslandor New South or any of them he will still be one of the best fullbacks

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Our Trip To Maritime Museum

Mighty Mariners is our topic for this term and for our trip room 15, 18, and 14 went to Maritime Museum. First we traveled on a public bus. It was a long and boring trip especially when we had to leave last but it was all worth it. When we got there it looked pretty cool. Then we stored our bags in a room. We hoped in a line then met Salty Sam. (He was boring). "Blah blah blah" he was rambling but I didn't hear him because I was playing with Kingston. Then he guided us on a quick tour around the museum. When we finished our tour, Salty Sam told us to salute with our right hand so we did.
"Ding ding ding". Suddenly a bell rung. "What is that?" everyone asked. "Get ready for the cannon" Salty Sam yelled. "YOAH a cannon"everyone yelled. "5,4,3,2,1, Boom.'' With a count down the cannon exploded like we were in a war.
Next we met Judy. After Judy was talking she to us we went into a circular little movie theatre. The sign said the doors will automatically close in every 15 minutes. Miss Sqiures didn't see the sign and she almost got locked out but in the nick of time she scuttled in before it closed.  Miss Squires didn't know that when the doors were shut you could just open them. We watched the movie and it was about the Polynesians coming to Aotearoa on a waka and what helped to guide them on the sea. The whales, birds, stars and the waves  all guided them. 
After the movie Judy took us on another tour and asked questions about the movie. "This is boring" I thought."My legs are aching and my calf muscles are sore. Luckily we had lunch. Miss Squires said that the wind had picked up so we wouldn't be going onto the Ted Ashby (that was the museums boat) because it only had on engine and the wind was strong as a giant blowing the whole city. So Miss said we would go on a Ferry to Devonport and back. At the station we got on the Ferry and we were having so so so so much fun on the boat! When we arrived,  Raenan and I were saying hi to everyone that came on board. Then we just came back.
I had so much fun today and I hope my family and I can come back.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Youngsters of NRL

When I made a Current dream team I thought ''why make a dream team when you can make youngsters of the NRL”. So check it out. Fullback Kevin Locke, wingers are Daniel Vidot and Jhral Yow-Yeh. Centres are Suitonga Likiliki and Lewis Brown. Halves are Robert Lui and Benji Marshall. Props are Russell Packer and Jesse Royal and Matt Ballin as Hooker. Second Rows are Jamal Idris and Ukuma Ta’ai . Lock Jared Waiwera-Hargraves. Bench is Antonio Winterstein,Corey Norman, Ben Matulino and Ben Te’o. Thats all from me and my Youngsters of NRL. I hope you comment on it.

Warriors vs Titans

Warriors vs Titans was an EXHILARATING game with all the excitement going around in the fans head. The Vodafone Warriors were winning then losing to the Gold Coast Titans 20 points - 28. Me and my family went to the Warriors match and my brother was yelling at the referee that one of the Titans players high tackled a Warriors players and the crowd was booing but the ref did not care.When James Maloney (the goal kicker) got the second conversion I caught the ball because it bounced on this Chinese mans head but my brother booted it down onto the field. After the game we went by the Titans locker rooms and waited for about 30 minutes to the Titans came and were signing my sisters singlet and towel. This strange teenager was screaming just because Kevin Gordon came. Then she was jumping on him. Then the rest of the Titans were coming out and we got their signatures. When we were walking to the car we saw Clinton Toopi (he is a former Warrior) and got his Signatures then I ran down the bus to the corner of the street. The End

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Every Monday Night,or Friday night WWE goes live on air. WWE (world wrestling entertainment) is a wrestling show that millions of fans (like me) tune into watch WWE shows NXT, ECW, RAW and Smackdown. Vincent Kennedy McMahon runs the WWE and once he was a superstar and a champion but it was the ECW (extreme champions wrestling) when he beat a superstar called Bobby Lashley because he had a help from his son Shane McMahon and for another superstar Umaga. John Cena is one of the strongest in WWE. There is many paper-views but four main ones. First Survivor Series then the biggest party of the summer, Summerslam. A few months later it is the Royal Rumble and its every man on himself. The last one is the grand daddy of them all Wrestlmania. Thats all the WWE and you should watch it yourself.

Immersion Assembly

Every start of the term (except for the first term) we always have a different topic to learn about. This term we are learning about Mighty Mariners. Mighty Mariners are about famous old and modern travelers like Columbus but also Jessica Watson.

First Mr.Burt introduced Team 1 to the stage but they didn't go onto the stage they were just sitting down with fake paddles and pretending to paddle. There was a movie, about the seven wakas coming to New Zealand, playing while they were pretending to paddle and Kingston was on of the animators.

There was plenty of that acting but my favourite team was team 4 because they were original because and had a family Eric the Red and Leif Erickson. They were Vikings.

I am always looking forward to our Immersion Assemblies because I always want to know what we are learning about. This term is Mighty Mariners.

Lachlan Coote vs Lote Tiqiri

Lachlan Coote for the Penrith Panthers is on of the most spectacular but youngest NRL players around. But now there is Lote Tiqiri that plays for West Tigers is just unbelievable with his matter of skill that he has and uses. If these two men played for the same team,like Vodafone Warriors they will be unstoppable with Kevin Locke, Lance Hohia and many more. Lote has played union in his past career before he came to NRL while Lachlan Coote has played for Panthers since he debut. Lote now is one of the top try-scores in NRL this time but the leading try-scorer is I think Brett Morris or Lachlan Coote. These two men have had marvelous pass careers playing in NRL and I hope if the Panthers make it to the Grand Final, I hope Coote can get the winning try against the Warriors.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Dream Team

NRL (national rugby league) is very entertaining with it continuing since 1908 to 2010! Can you believe that. Here is my dream team for 2010. Fullback Billy " the kid" Slater wingers Brett Morris (above) and Jarryd Hayne . Centers are Israel Folau and Greg Inglis and he is like me Gabriel Inia. Im the next G.I. Halfs are Benji Mashall and Cooper Cronk. Props Petro Civonaceva and Fuifui Moimoi. Hooker Matt Ballin. Second rows Jamal Idris and Simon Mannering (C). Lock Jared-Wawaera Hargraves. Reserves are Matt Bowen, Daniel Vidot, Ben Hannet and Russell Packer. Thats my dream team. They are called Thunder Storms

Monday, July 19, 2010

Twilight Saga Eclipse

In the holidays we went to the movies. At the movies me and my sister watched the Twilight Saga Eclipse. It is about these new born vampires when their leader Victoria (the bad one) bites this missing teenager and his name is Riley. Then he goes around the town and starts turning everyone into new born vampires. The good vampires (the Cullens) have one person in their family that knows how to destroy the new born vampires and his name is Jasper. Then the werewolf's joined in to help and Jacob (the leader) said "at least we get to kill some vampires" because werewolf's hate vampires. When the war between the new born vampires vs the Cullens and the werewolf's the new born vampires emerged out of the sea and started the war. While the war was going Victoria went to find the rest of the Cullens and they were on the top of the hill. Edward (the protecter of Bella) was fighting with Riley to try and protect Bella. Seth (the new werewolf) came and was trying to hold Victoria back until Riley was dead. Finally Riley was dead and straight after that Edward defeated Victoria. But when they thought the war was all over there was one more new born. Jacob tried to kill him but he got his rips broken. Carlise (the father) was a nurse so he went and helped Jacob then he was screaming because it was painful. Bella walked in and tried to calm down Jacob and so she did. Then it finished.
Thats what happened and thats the end.

Active Earth

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Monday Night RAW!

Every Friday night Raw goes live on the air. All the wrestlers you like including John Cena, Randy Ortan, Triple H and many more. JR (Jerry 'the king' Lawler) and Michael Cole are the commentators and for Smack-down it is Matt Striker. There are many superstars one the roster from the draft. Drafts are when people trade from the shows like Smack-down and Raw. In this years draft Raw got more people to come from Smack-down to Raw. WWE superstars like R-Truth, John Morrison and Edge. John Cena is the strongest in the WWE and Raw but he doesn't really go that hard. There is many entertainment when you watch Raw or Smack-down but it can only work if you have Sky.

Friday, June 25, 2010


'WOW' Was the only word going through my mind as this extravaganza movie ended. Right at the end was when I had a HUGE laugh when Rocky (Boy's brother stared at his dad ( Alimein) and asked him, How was Japan? Haha, You can have a laugh to.
It is a sad, sad but funny movie. A huge downer for Boy's or his real name Alimein is that his Mum had passed away, and his Nan was gone for like, literally a month meaning no one was at Boy's house to look after him. His Dad was sadly in jail. One Shocking evening, Alimein's Father ( Alimein ) pulled up in the drive way, and to Boy's amazement, his family was finally rich.
The only way to describe Boy is UN DESCRIBABLE!! Because there is lots of SAD parts and some bright sides to it.
If you haven't seen it than don't sit around. GO TO THE MOVIES AND WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!

My Favourite Singer Michael Jackson

Last year in 2009 Michael Jackson died,it was very sad because he was the king of pop. Michael Jackson had the best songs liked thriller, man in the mirror and heal the world.What a disasters!

When he arrived to his last performance "this is it" He told everyone there that it was his last show and when Michel Jackson started singing halfway through he fainted and never woke up. After a while lots of ambulances arrived and took him to the hospital but he still never woke up. And that was the last of Michel Jackson. But even though he is dead he will always be the king at what he does.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Brett and Josh Morris

Last year these two dynamic players,all together scored a total of 42 tries in only 27 rounds. "AMAZING!!!!" They are twins and Josh is just minutes older. Brett Morris has just now reached a total of 67 career tries while his brother has just 49. Brett's team is now currently 1st in the competion while josh's now in tenth with 8 points.
"EXCITEMENT" is the only word to describe them as! They are just unbelievable! If this was to be the GRAND FINAL, St George Illiwarra and the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, the intensity will be "AMAZING!!!!" Obviesley I would want the Vodafone Warriors to make it in the GRAND FINAL but with the St George Illiwarra Dragons and The Canterbury Banks-town Bulldogs, the atmosphere will be THRILLING!!
This is why these two twins are currently my best players in all NRL..
I would like to thank this website for the pictures of these cute twins....

Monday, June 14, 2010

Gabriel Rugby Academy

On Friday the 3rd of June we had some people come from the rugby academy. Their names were Villi, Michael, T, Sam, John and one more of their mates whose name I don't know. We had Michael and Villi to train with while the others went to train with the other classes.

First we did some relays where we had to move the ball around our body and under our legs. Starford's team won most of them. (They were team three). Our next activity we did was just normal running relays. After that we did some more running relays but this time when we got to the cones we had to do five star-jumps. Waata cheated because he just went up and down.

Groups 1 and 2 then had to join lines to play a game called pass the boxing bag. Groups 3 and 4 had to do the same. We were having so much fun as we passed the boxing bag along the line. I was at the end of the line and I had to run back with it. It was quite heavy and difficult to run with. Versing Starford was hard because he is one of the strongest in the class and he is the fastest.

Villi then taught us a new game called run around. Run around is a game where you have to run around until Michael calls out a number. Sprinting as fast as we could you had to look for that number in a group like if he calls out three, you have to get into groups of three. We played two games. The winners of the first game were Rita and Oshania. The winners of the second game was Starford and Kobe.

The next game we played was bull rush. In the first game Starford and Mary were in and the second game Kobe and Rita were in. They had to choose a colour and if we had that colour we had to try make it to the other end. The winner of the first game was Te Rina. The winners of the second game were Oshania and Me.

Next we had to say goodbye to the Rugby Academy people because we had to give the other rooms a turn to train. We then went on to the bottom field to play touch and have some more fun. The people who didn't do their homework had to sit down by the edge of the playground. Eventually we had a turn to play with only 5 minutes to go.

What a fun day we had with the Rugby Academy people come and visit. I wish they could come and visit again because I play for the school and want some more tips about playing rugby.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Michael Jennings

Michael Jennings is one of my favourite players in the NRL because he has speed, agility and strenght. He playes for the Penrith Panthers. He is an amazing center because he is one of the top-try scores in his team. Jennings is the best center in the comp (for me apart from G.I Greg Ingles). Once Jennings has side stepped someone he is gone like a bullet. Even though Jennings is small he still has more talent then any center in the NRL. I hope he gets picked for NSW. GO JENNINGS!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


NSW have lost to QLD in game one in State Of Origin, but that doesn't make a different between them because there are two more rounds to try win. In a nice debut for NSW bulldogs center Jamel Idris and Dragons winger Brett Morris. I think the first tryscores for NSW are going to be Jarryd Hayne, Jamel Idris Brett Morris. For QLD Darius Boyd, Billy Slater and Darren Lockeyer. My favourite player is in the NSW is everyone and in QLD it is Billy Slater and Greg Ingles. GO THE BLUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Edge and Chris Jericho will be facing off at Over the Limit. Everyone will think Edge will be victories, but I think Jericho is going to steal a win.My friend Darius thinks Jericho is going to win but everyone doubts that. Come on Edge do the Spear three times and if that happens this is what it will look like. Edge has had a strong career as a wwe superstar. He came back in 2010 Royal Rumble and actually won it. He and John Cena were the last two men in the ring when he through him over the top rope and thats how he won it. In 2007 himself and Randy Ortan teamed up and won the wwe world tag team champions The he won the Heavyweight champ. While Chris Jericho won the Heavy weight champ as well as Edge and he teamed up with the Big Show and won the Unified tag team champs. Jericho is a 10 time Intercontanal champion. His nickname is Y2J. GO EDGE!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Have you heard about the Vodafone Warriors? Cause if you have you would love my current dream team for the Warriors right now.Fullback Lance Hohia. Wingers Kevin Locke and Manu Vatuvei. Centers Brent Tate and Suitonga Likiliki. Five Eight James Maloney and Brett Seymour as Halfback. My props are Russell Packer and Sam Rapira. Hooker Aaron Heremiai. Second Rows are Simon Mannering as Captain and Lewis Brown. Lock Micheal Luck. Bench Ian Henderson, Jerome Ropati, Ben Materlino, and Patrick Ah Van.
Thats my dream team. I hope you liked it

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Room 14 and 15 were playing a game called Capture the Flag.
First Miss King precisely explained the rules and the roles to us. In the beginning we got divided into teams. Everyone in room 14 and 15 all had different roles to do like guarding the flag area, running to get the flag and rescuing. Capture the flag is a easy and tactical game to play. I kept on getting out, but Darius kept on rescuing me. I was gratefully rescued.

We got the first three points. I had to run after my opponent because he had the flag.I heard lots of people shouting "Spartans".We got five scores and Room 14 got one score. At the end of the game we celebrated by playing a picking up rubbish game. We won that too.

I felt excited playing Capture the flag because that was my first time playing it.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Welcome to Room 15 Gabriel.
For everyone reading Gabriel's blog here is a link that takes you to the posts he wrote for his class's blog in Room 12 last year.
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