Friday, June 17, 2011

Partly Cloudy

The main characters in the story were Mr Atmosphere and the Stalk.
This was set high in the sky.
This Story starts when stalks deliver babies and pets to houses.Mr Atmosphere was trying to make babies but in stead he made a crocodile and a hedgehog. Plus many more things. Mr Atmosphere thought that Stalk was going to another cloud, but instead, he went to go get armor. The armor was football gear. Shoulder pads, a helmet and gloves. Then they laughed and laughed. Mr Atmosphere tried to make one more thing but......... He made a electric eel. They lived up in the sky forever.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Extreme Makeover Courtyard Edition.

Darius and I were thinking about redesigning our courtyard. This is what we wrote.

Why I chose basketball hoops?
I chose basketball hoop so then we can have more and more fun in the courts. The court is just not fun because there is nothing to do. We can even have comps.

I want basketball hoops in our courts to play in the summer and maybe in the winter.

The things that I found like the prices were....... for the ones bolted into the wall were only $59.00 each. They aren't to much money and then not too little.

Me and Darius chose picnic tables as well as a basketball hoops. We chose picnic tables because when we sit on the deck, it hurts my bum. So if we eat on picnic tables, then we can eat better.

This is our design. (Above)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Podcasting Zapped In Space.

Stay Tuned, there is a podcast that is coming up soon with this animation. This is a sneak peak from the book. And this is the two headed alien that I drew. I hope you enjoy the movie.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Since the first week of the term, we studied about the Samoan artist named Fatu Feu’u. He just doesn’t do his art-work for fun, he does it for culture. He does many patterns and motifs. It has just been really cool studying about his work. This is the thing that I wrote of him. Where he was from, what village and all that. To go along side it, I put a picture here.

Artist: Fatu Feuu
Tala Lasi Samoa-Painter of Tales

Born: 1946 Samoa

Village: Poutasi Falealili, Savai'i

Fatu Feu'u was born in the village of Poutasi Felealii on the island of Savai'i in Samoa. He was educated at Apia's Samoa collage, he emigrated to New Zealand in 1966 in order to study art. Fatu is a role model and mentor for other Pacific artists in New Zealand and the Pacific.

Fatu has transformed traditional design motifs intor in his paintings, prints and sculptures into fresh meanings: tatau, siapo, ufimata, lalaga and gog - tattoo, barkcloth, masks, weaving, and the figrate bird.His visual presentations reflect his passion and spiritual understandings of Samoan legends and fa'asamoa of Samoan Culture.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bravery Heart-Break Loss and Hope

Did you ever wonder what it would be like for the women who had to stay back in NZ while the NZ and Australia men went to war. It would have been really sad. This is a little movie that our group done. I hope you enjoy.

Brave men AND women from SchoolTV on Vimeo. That was our movie that we filmed. I hope now you think about the past was our NZ and Australia men sacrefised their lives to defend our land.

Octopodi Part 2.

Octopodi is a short animation that you can watch on youtube. This is the second and third scene for octopodi.

Pinky, (that’s what I named the pink octopus) shoots from the the slingshot over the seagull. She notices that she has got too much strength while she was flying. So she turned around and splattered ink into the seagulls face and lands into a pond. The seagull drops Orangey, (the orange octopus) and he lands onto the dangerous road. Pinky cries but...........

She doesn't give up. Trying to reach out when..... The chef grabbed Pinky and takes off. Stuck out in the open, Orangey climbs onto the nearest car and tries to catch up with the chef. The chef stops at his restaurant and goes into the kitchen. Orangey jumps off his ride and goes into the kitchen. Strapped up, Pinky sees Orangey and tries to get out, but she can’t. Orangey gets a knife and cuts the straps. They jump out the window and into the reef and live Happily Ever After.