Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Independent Writing

This is my and Raenan's rap about doing things at school. I hope you like it.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Term 1 Reflection

“Already?” I thought to myself. Term 1 was nearly finished. We had 11 weeks but it finished so fast. I barely had time to do anything I wanted to do. But when you have fun time flies. I can’t wait for next term.

The cricket tournament was one of the biggest highlight of the term. Myself and my friends went to Colin Maiden Park to play against other teams from the Tamaki cluster. We played five games against Tamaki Primary, Sylvia Park, Panmure bridge and G.I Primary. With confidence we came out victorious. That was a big highlight of the Term.

One thing i’ve liked this term was meeting and bonding with my friends. Getting to know everyone in my new class of 2013. I have met new friends like Tevita, Khi Khi, Zyrin and all my other friends. That was one of the highlights of the term.

I think when it comes to class work I haven’t been focusing hard on my work. Too much talking and mucking around in class. Working with a group I was more focused than I was independently. I was good at cooperating with everyone as well. I just need to get my work done and not muck around.

I am looking forward to next term so I can focus on work. I am going to try and do my work. Not getting distracted from my mates. My main goal is to get my work done.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spooky House

‘CRASH, BOOM!’ Thunder rumbled around the spooky house. Raenan and Gabriel walk up to the abandoned house. Overcome by fear, they resist to enter the house. “Rock, scissors paper shoot”. The boys play rock scissors paper to see who enters first. Raenan loses and has to walk in first.

“I can’t do it” said Raenan. “Don’t be a wimp” Gabriel replied. “Ok” Raenan answered. As he reaches for the doorknob, he feels something shoot up his arm. “What happened?” asked Gabriel. “It felt like a million bee stings” said Raenan. Angry, Gabriel kicks the door down.

With heavy hearts, they walk down the hallway. With dust in their eyes, the boys can just see spiders, cobwebs and insects. They come to a door. They both stop, and Raenan hesitates. Gabriel doesn’t and just kicks the door down again. Theres nothing in the room except for 1 thing. A chest.

“Well, what should we do?” asked Raenan. “We open it” replied Gabriel with excitement. “BANG!” Raenan stomps the ground angrily. “I’m sick of you just doing anything you want.” “You don’t even know whats in there. Maybe something could just jump out at you?” “But it won’t” said Gabriel.  “I’m out of here.” Raenan stormed out. Gabriel slowly opens the chest then.... “AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!”

Gabriel screamed and ran back to Raenan. “I’m sorry” said Gabriel “Lets go into another room”. “Ok” Raenan replied. “Why did you scream?” “I saw something” Gabriel answered. “I saw a skull.” “Holy mackerel” Raenan said. “Yeah I think we should go”.

BANG! BANG! BANG! Raenan and Gabriel sprint down the hallway. “Ahhhhhh” they hear a faint sound. They go to check it out. They see a body in a bed. They walk closer and closer. Suddenly, “RAHHH!!” Screamed Raenan’s dad. Gabriel and Raenan’s dad laughs. “Why are you guys laughing. You scared the bezebers (B-G-Bers) out of me.” said Raenan. They all walk out of the house together as a family.

Writing Sample: Everything Disappeared

The Day Things Started Disappearing

Imagine that things mysteriously start to disappear
One thing disappears, then another, then another

Write to narrate a story about these strange disappearances
What goes missing and why?
What problem is caused and how is it solved?

Think about:
Where your story is set
Who your characters are
The problem and how it is solved
The order of events and how they are linked

Remember to:
Choose words carefully
Take care with punctuation and spelling
Edit - add or delete words, information, sentences to improve your work.

Start Here: “Touchdown!” said Kendrix. In a dull room at 138 Leybourne Circle, a boy named Kendrix and his brother James were playing Madden NFL ‘09. Kendrix was a humble boy who does anything and James was a boy that always wanted to win. “I hate this game lets put in Tekken 5” said James. “Ok” replied Kendrix. They were about to put in Tekken but then they couldn’t find it. “This is weird Kendrix” said James. “Yesterday our Rugby ball went now Tekken 5?” “Something's seriously wrong”. “Lets go ask Waata”

“BANG BANG BANG!” “WAATA, WAATA!” James screamed as he was knocking on the door. From all the things disappearing, James and Kendrix decided to got to their mates house to see if their stuff is gone. “What is it bro?” said Waata. “WAATA WAATA WAATA.........” screamed James. “I think I should handle this one James, don’t you think?” said Kendrix. “Have any of your things been disappearing?” asked Kendrix. “Yes” replied Waata. “My MW3, COD Black Ops 2 and all heaps of my games”. “That’s like us” said James. We have got to get to the bottom of this. “Lets see if Starford has anything to say.”

“Star, Star” the two boys scream. “What’s up?” he replies. “Has anything been disappearing here?” “Yeah” he replies. “Have.......” Kendrix is stopped by Star. “Has anything of yours been disappearing?” “Yeah, we were just about to ask” Kendrix replies. “Ohh well. See you later” Star said.

“We haven’t asked Mum” said James.The two boys ran to their mother hoping that she would know where their stuff is. “Mum have you seen our....” James stopped talking. He and Kendrix saw all his stuff near his mum. “Mum, how could you?” asked James angrily. “It was all a prank?” said Kendrix. “Yes” his mum replied. “All the mums in the community planned this at school.” “I’ve got to say, that was pretty good” Kendrix said. “HOW COULD YOU!” James screamed. “I’m going” he storms away. At the end of the day everyone was happy except for James. But he was alright after a while. That concludes our story.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Mini Trathglon

“YES!” I cheered to myself. “Triathlon”. On Wednesday the 3rd of April, we had a session to learn about the Triathlon Competition.  Swim, bike then run. I really enjoy this because it tests my fitness.

“Alright room 20 boys come up to the slide please” said Adrien. We had our session class by class. Girls before boys. It was finally our turn to do the triathlon. We didn’t really swim, we had to slide on the waterslide. The only boys that could slide on the waterslide was me, and two of my friends, Tevita and Melvin. We had to slide 4 times while the rest of the boys did starjumps.

“Lets go boys” I shouted to Tevita and Melvin. We had first dibs on which bikes to choose. I chose the closest bike to the slide, so I could quickly get going. I was off in an instant. I was in first place then everyone started to pass me because of my damp clothes.

“Time for your run” Adrien shouted. It was the last thing we had to do to complete the triathlon. Sprinting as fast as I could, (i couldn’t go fast because I was so tired and damp) I finished the triathlon tired to the max. “Well done,” Adrien said as he Congratulated me. “You have done well”.

I really enjoyed this because it can really push me and test my skills. I can’t wait until we do this again.