Friday, November 25, 2011

Athletics Day

My favorite thing of the year. Athletics. There was one thing and one thing only that I was looking forward to doing. High Jump. Because since 2009 I either came first or second, but this year was different. I didn't come anything. But it was alright. At least I had fun.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

An Extraordinary Concert Night!

Stand By Me

On the final night of Camp Bentzon, was our concert night. What a way to kick it off with Marvin’s dad Rodney singing Stand By Me and Mary Had A Little Lamb. I knew this was going to be fun night.

Now for our item. We done a mockumentary about the teachers. I was playing Mr Barks doing a Mr Bean Dance. But the funniest was Tui as Mrs Va’afusuanga. Everyone was laughing hard.

At the end of the night, everyone was at the edge of their seat. Waiting to here the final scores from the judges. Then they announced 4th and 3rd place. It was down to Bentzon and Kawau (my team.) Mrs Flavelle then said.... “The winner of 2011 Camp Bentzon..... KAWAU!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tennis Coaching

When I heard that room 17 was going to have tennis coaching, I thought to myself tennis, my least favourite sport. I don't even watch it on TV. I hate tennis.

Our tennis coach was named Marcel. He was a professional player and teaches other schools, well of course, tennis. If I had to pick my coach, I would pick him instead of any one else, because he was a kind coach. Now the tennis coaching was under way.

How to hold the racket is the main thing with tennis, because if you can't hold it right, you can't do the shots properly.  It was kind of frustrating for me but then, I got the hang of it. About 5 minutes after we learnt how to hold the ball, I was really good.

King and queen ball was the game we played. It was kind of like playing handball but your using a racket, and you have to hit the ball over a net. I was king once but then, Marvin got me out. Can you believe that? Only one round as king. I wasen't even good. Not fair that people are picking on me.

Even though I didn't really like tennis at the start of coaching, when you actually play it, It's pretty cool. Just one week in and now I just can't wait until Thursdays. Tennis is a cool sport, if you know how to play it.

Ice Cream Comet

Comets, did you know you could eat them?(Only ice cream ones though.) When I found out room 17 and 16 were going to make comets out of ice cream, biscuits and hundreds and thousands, I was very excited and couldn’t wait for the time to come.

“Out of my way I shouted to people.” I was dashing to the picnic table with a whole clump of ice cream in my hands. It felt like my hands were -5 degrees with that ice cream. But when the hundred and thousands came on, it was a bit warmer.

After all that coldness, my favourite time came. Eating the comets. The vanilla flavoured comet landed straight into my watering mouth. Lick after lick. The delicious treat for me was an early Halloween gift. Yummy.

As soon as we had eaten, we looked over all the mess Mr Somerville had made. IT WAS A PIG STY! There was heaps and heaps of food gone to waste. Hundreds of hundreds and thousands. Humongous amount of biscuits left on the floor and ice cream cones in the bin.

Finally the chaos was over. We all had a nice treat from Mr Somerville and Miss Garden. I hope we could do this again but make something that won’t melt, may be a spaceship. You never know.