Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Randy Orton

The Viper strikes. The Legend Killer or The Viper A.K.A Randy Orton was one of the youngest wrestlers to win any championship like the World Heavyweight Champion or WWE Championship. Randy Orton has won multiple championships like the World Heavyweight Champion, WWE Championship and the World Tag Team championship with former partner the Rated-R Superstar Edge.
When Orton came to WWE he joined a group called Evolution with Triple H, Ric Flair, Batista and himself. Randy Orton was a bad person but now he is a good person and my sister wishes he was her husband along with Jarryd Hayne.
In the start of 2009 he started a group called Legacy. His team was the million dollar son Ted Dibiase and third generation superstar Cody Rhodes. When he was with them he actually won the 2009 Royal Rumble (just because he had help.) His Signature move is the RKO.
Thats all about Randy Orton.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Having to draw Mrs Tele'a wierd!!!!!!

As our topic for this term we have been very busy finding out about the different angles we can use to find out the shape of a map. The extension kids have been assigned to do a project that is all about maps and Scales. So far we have learnt about the different ways the satellites mind thinks of it's shape and colour. Back to the topic well Mrs Tele'a had said that we had to draw her not because she just wanted to but because she wanted us to know what different angles were like to draw. She wanted us to know how it would be like to be sort of like a satellite

Josh Dugan

Josh Dugan is one of my favourite fullbacks because of his tremendous speed,agility and power that he has to get over a try line. I like his determination and courage for his team and my best future team the Canberra Raiders. He also plays for the country team which includes good players such as Luke Burt. He was also one of the best U20 players that I have ever seen play.

Josh has a way that just gets him over the line and makes tackle busts and also makes line breaks. I like the way he plays even though the Raiders aren't in the top eight they are still playing good footy. He is a really determined player that I would love to have on my team if I was the coach for the Raiders. He should play in the QLD(Queensland)team which are made up of the best players. Or play for NSW(New South Wales). Well either one even if he does not play for Queenslandor New South or any of them he will still be one of the best fullbacks

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Our Trip To Maritime Museum

Mighty Mariners is our topic for this term and for our trip room 15, 18, and 14 went to Maritime Museum. First we traveled on a public bus. It was a long and boring trip especially when we had to leave last but it was all worth it. When we got there it looked pretty cool. Then we stored our bags in a room. We hoped in a line then met Salty Sam. (He was boring). "Blah blah blah" he was rambling but I didn't hear him because I was playing with Kingston. Then he guided us on a quick tour around the museum. When we finished our tour, Salty Sam told us to salute with our right hand so we did.
"Ding ding ding". Suddenly a bell rung. "What is that?" everyone asked. "Get ready for the cannon" Salty Sam yelled. "YOAH a cannon"everyone yelled. "5,4,3,2,1, Boom.'' With a count down the cannon exploded like we were in a war.
Next we met Judy. After Judy was talking she to us we went into a circular little movie theatre. The sign said the doors will automatically close in every 15 minutes. Miss Sqiures didn't see the sign and she almost got locked out but in the nick of time she scuttled in before it closed.  Miss Squires didn't know that when the doors were shut you could just open them. We watched the movie and it was about the Polynesians coming to Aotearoa on a waka and what helped to guide them on the sea. The whales, birds, stars and the waves  all guided them. 
After the movie Judy took us on another tour and asked questions about the movie. "This is boring" I thought."My legs are aching and my calf muscles are sore. Luckily we had lunch. Miss Squires said that the wind had picked up so we wouldn't be going onto the Ted Ashby (that was the museums boat) because it only had on engine and the wind was strong as a giant blowing the whole city. So Miss said we would go on a Ferry to Devonport and back. At the station we got on the Ferry and we were having so so so so much fun on the boat! When we arrived,  Raenan and I were saying hi to everyone that came on board. Then we just came back.
I had so much fun today and I hope my family and I can come back.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Youngsters of NRL

When I made a Current dream team I thought ''why make a dream team when you can make youngsters of the NRL”. So check it out. Fullback Kevin Locke, wingers are Daniel Vidot and Jhral Yow-Yeh. Centres are Suitonga Likiliki and Lewis Brown. Halves are Robert Lui and Benji Marshall. Props are Russell Packer and Jesse Royal and Matt Ballin as Hooker. Second Rows are Jamal Idris and Ukuma Ta’ai . Lock Jared Waiwera-Hargraves. Bench is Antonio Winterstein,Corey Norman, Ben Matulino and Ben Te’o. Thats all from me and my Youngsters of NRL. I hope you comment on it.

Warriors vs Titans

Warriors vs Titans was an EXHILARATING game with all the excitement going around in the fans head. The Vodafone Warriors were winning then losing to the Gold Coast Titans 20 points - 28. Me and my family went to the Warriors match and my brother was yelling at the referee that one of the Titans players high tackled a Warriors players and the crowd was booing but the ref did not care.When James Maloney (the goal kicker) got the second conversion I caught the ball because it bounced on this Chinese mans head but my brother booted it down onto the field. After the game we went by the Titans locker rooms and waited for about 30 minutes to the Titans came and were signing my sisters singlet and towel. This strange teenager was screaming just because Kevin Gordon came. Then she was jumping on him. Then the rest of the Titans were coming out and we got their signatures. When we were walking to the car we saw Clinton Toopi (he is a former Warrior) and got his Signatures then I ran down the bus to the corner of the street. The End