Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Seed

One day from out of the sky dropped one seed right in the middle of the chafer and scarab beetles boundary. So no one could claim the seed was theirs. So then the two kings decided, " we would have to have war then." So the two tribes prepared for war for 3 years straight. But what they did not realise was when they were preparing for war, the seed grew into a cherry tree and spread over both tribes lands. So from then on, both tribes lived happily ever after and shared the cherry tree which grew right on their boundary. The End.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

First Post

In the holidays me and my sister went to this holiday programme called Youth Pride, which was held at Sacred Heart Collage.

When we went for the first time, it was kind of embarrassing because we hardly knew anyone apart from the people from Pt England and the people that lived on my street. After we went for about two weeks we knew mostly everyone there.

The main reason why we went to Youth Pride was because we wanted to win a trophy, but we had to compete against 6 other Youth pride schools. We had to travel by bus all the way to Western Springs near Motat where the big dance off was held. We were the first group to dance and it was a magnificent dance. At the end of our dance, the crowd rumbled and cheered.

Going first really paid off because at the end of the whole thing, we came first and won the trophy. It was hard work because the judges could not decide who to pick, so we had to have a dance off against One Tree Hill. But we still turned up on the top.

The End