Tuesday, December 7, 2010

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Dead Cockroach
Pizza Ingredients:
Pizza Base (Mrs Tele’a)
1x200 g Pepperoni Stick or pre cut in a sealed container(
1x200 g Diced Bacon(Gabe)
1x200 g Salami or pre cut in sealed container - Mild - Hot
100 g of Lean Mince Beef(Cruz)
1 tin of Pizza Paste / Tomato Paste(Cruz)
1 Bag of grated cheese(Josh)

if you are using doe then puff up and roll out and flatten with raised edges (The Crust) or if using base put onto a pizza pan.
Cover the pizza base in the tomato paste use about 3 quarters of the tin.
Put a small layer of cheese on the base.
Then cut and spreed the pepperoni and salami use about 3 quarters of the sticks/ packets.
place the diced bacon around the pizza base as well.
Then put another light layer of cheese over the ingredients.
Use the last quarter of the Pepperoni / salami with the lean Mince Beef spreed out on the base.
Cover once again in Cheese.

I have got the Recipe from:http://www.lifestylefood.com.au/recipes/10124/meat-lovers-pizza-goody-style

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