Thursday, May 26, 2011

Redesigning My Computer Mouse

This morning we had to use BAR (Bigger, Add, Replace) to redesign our mouses. I did a Spongbob mouse. I made the whole thing bigger. Just by a little bit. Added 3 mini speakers and replaced the clicking bits with Spongebob’s eyes. That was my mouse.

I made it bigger because some mouses that I use are just too small for my hand. But with this mouse, it will be just right. I replaced the Spongebob eyes with the clicking bits because those were just old. With the eyes of Spongebob, they are more detailed. I added the mini speakers because it is just too quiet from out of my net-book. But with the speakers, shared lunch and special places will never be quiet. So I would buy this mouse if it were real.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Marble Track Challenge 2

First Darius will roll up 4 newspaper tubes with 2 stands. Then Starford will divide the cello-tape 9 pieces. I will be cutting holes, for the marble to travel through 4 holes.

What we did:
Our plan was to make the tubes on an ngle, but it didn’t quite work out. We tested it out and then the marble came out a hole that we didn’t even make. It was quite frustrating. In the end, we figured out where the hole was. It was right at the end of the first tube. So then we covered it up.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Yah! Term 2 is swimming term. I was so eager to go swimming this term, and show off all my skills. Even though it’s the least favourite sport for me, it still cool splashing around with my class mates.

With goosebumps traveling down my neck, I immediately jumped into the pool to get warm. I stayed under the water for about 20 seconds, getting Warmer by the moment. Then when my lungs could take no more, I came up gasping for air.

Para 3: Freestyle

I was the second person to take off at freestyle. Logan was in front of me just gliding through the water easily. I thought this was going to be easy, but it was struggling. Floppy arms and legs all over. That’s why I was struggling.

Para 4: Exhaustion at swimming.

Only at half-way, I was exhausted from swimming. I knew that stopping would mean that I a wimp at swimming so, I pushed my self to the limit. With my never say die attitude, I made it the whole length with-out stopping. That was exhausting.

I think this swimming lesson has been the best for me. I learnt the different techniques to swim better and faster.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Free Typing Lessons

Last term room 17 were learning to touch type. Click onto this link and it will take you there. Click Here.

2011 QLD VS NSW (Gabriel Version)

Since I didn't go with the normal NSW and QLD teams, I decided to create my own. So here goes. Fullback Kurt Gidley. Wingers Brett Morris and Jarryd Hayne. Centers are Chris Lawrence and Jamie Lyon. Halfs are Jamie Soward and Peter Wallace. Props are Micheal Weyman and Kade Snowden. Hooker Robbie Farah. Second Rows are Luke Lewis and Chris Heighington. Lock is Greg Bird. Interchange is Anthony Watmough, Todd Carney, Paul Gallen and Tim Mannah. Now for the QLD team. Fullback Billy Slater. Wingers Darius Boyd and Jaral Yow Yeh. Centers are Greg Inglis and Willie Tonga. Halfs are Darren Lockeyer and Jonathan Thurstan. Props are Petro Civinaciva and Ben Hannet. Hooker Cameron Smith. Sam Thiday and Nate Myles. Lock Micheal Luck. Bench Cooper Cronk, Corey Parker, Ashley Harrison and Jacob Lillyman. 18th Man Dave Taylor.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Playing With Picasa

Picasa is where you can make slide shows, albums, how to upload to albums and things. This is a two item slide show that I made up. I hope you like it.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter Holidays

Do you like West Wave? West wave is where I went to with my family in the Easter holiday. Wave pools, hydro-slides, spa pools and bombing pools. That place is wicked!
It was my turn up. The person if front of me just jumped off the platform. As I thought to myself this is going to be easy, but then I walked forward. I looked down and saw I was way high. I tried to turn back but, my brother blocked me off. So the only way down, was to jump.

I was so excited to go to west wave. Easter holidays are all ways boring for me except for this year. My family were going to West Wave.