Friday, April 27, 2012

My Favourite Holiday Programme, Youth Pride.

The holidays. Yeah. I was so happy that it was the holidays because I wanted to go to my favourite holiday programme. YOUTH PRIDE!! Every year some people from South Auckland put on a holiday programme for kids all age. Their names are Mike, Margaret, Billy, and Lee Johns from the Tamaki Recreation Centre. Along side with these people. TJ, Foul and Marina. All of these people put on a holiday programme for kids to enjoy. They provide free food. A sausage sizzle and fish (only some days we have fish. On the last day of every year, we have a HUGE shared lunch. I love Youth Pride.

I go to the holiday programme every year. I see heaps of my friends from school but also my friends from different schools. We play heaps of games including Basketball, Volleyball, Dodge ball, Touch and every year, 3-2-1 Fun comes and lets us play in a boxing ring with these Massive gloves. I just can't imagine a world with-out Youth Pride.

"Mum, I'm going to Youth Pride." As I woke up this morning I just remembered that youth pride was on. I ran out the door all the way to the Tamaki Recreation Centre where it was held. Once I got there no-one was there. I started to get worried that no one was going to show up, but then I saw Mike turn up in his car. I was so HAPPY! Every ten minutes more and more people turned up to youth pride. Once it started we introduced our self to the whole group.

The first game we played was basketball. We got into groups of 4 and got under way. My team lost our first game. But after every mistake, you make up for it. We won our second, third and fourth games. Unfortunately, not winning our fifth. At-least we won 3 out of five. I was happy with my team.

After a few more games, we went out to have lunch. I wasen't really hungry, I just wanted to play games. So I only had 1 sausage and went back inside the gym. I had to wait for everyone else to finish so I just played around the world with my friend Raenan. Once every one else came in, it was home time. I didn't even notice time had flew. But you know what they say. Time flies when you have fun.

Finally it was home time. I was so so sad. I wish it could go all day, and all night. But I just couldn't wait for the next day.