Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Could you ever imagine what life would be like without a net-book? It would be torture. However there are uppers and downers to being a Net-Booker.

The things I like about our net-books are: taking them home in the weekdays, weekends and holidays. You can learn at home and don’t have to at school all the time .

The other thing is, it’s better to have our net-book to post things on our blog, unlike last year when you had to wait for ages, on the iMacs. So those are the upper sides of having a net-book. But there are some downers.

Now for the bad downers. First of all, the Internet connection. Most of the time it is working, but sometimes, it’s not. It is just like having a pen and paper when Internet isn’t on. I mean, when you don’t have connection, you can’t show anyone your work. So that’s a big downer.

I would never go back to just a pencil and paper. I’d rather stay with the our net-books.

Friday, December 9, 2011

"Senior Prize Giving"

It was the end of the year and there was prize giving. I was so excited about the dance that team four had to do. My teams song was Beat It by Michael Jackson. I was so nervous with my mum watching. So I just gave 100%. At the end of our performance, I just smiled at my family and walked off the stage. It was a cool as dance. Even though I didn't win an award, I still had fun doing my team item.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Outta This World

There is too much pollution in the year 2167 and everyone has to leave Earth and start fresh on a new planet. Check out my movie

Friday, December 2, 2011

Thank You Mrs Clarke

Dear Mrs Clarke,

I thank you for teaching us C.R.E for these past years. I also thank you for giving up your own time. I hope you can teach team four next year, just as amazing as you did for us. So in many different ways, I thank you.

The best lesson when you were here, was the the last one, the Christmas one. When you pulled out the chocolate. I hope I was going to get one. But it was alright. Thank anyway for that lesson.

Love lots from Gabriel.