Friday, April 15, 2011

Gabriel First Highlight of Term 1

Camp was my first term highlight. I was the camp leader for the Responsible Rockers. That was my group name. Everything at camp was challenging. Swimming for the whole day at swimarama. Setting up our tents, the smoke from camp cooking, the strength for Kayaking and 2 hours of skating. But when it came up to Camp Concert, that was the most challenging of all. For our performance, we done some robot moves with a little bit of Tectonic. The next day on my birthday, we went to the YMCA in Pammure. I hope next term can be less struggling like this term. If it will be then I will be ready.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Art Space

I drew a flag that says Respect. I did that because I respects my school and my culture. First we sketched the out-line and then we coloured it with pastel. I used pink, grey, and green brown and yellow colours. After the pastel we went straight onto painting. Painting was the fun bit. I painted my painting red on the out-side and that was my flag.