Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Just like my other one, I have done 5 sentences about a picture from the Olympics.
1: In a perfect grapple position, he puts him in an armlock.
2: In the armlock, he tries to make his way out.
3: Struggling and straining, they both try to counter each others moves.
4. In a perfect position for a submission, he tries to make him tap out.
5. The professional wrestler puts him in a anaconda.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Ready, Steady Aim!

In writing for today we had to write 3 sentences about a picture set for us. Here are my 5 sentences about this archer man.
1: “Just pull it back and let go” the archer thought to himself as he had his eyes set on the target. “I can do this”.
2: As he lined up his target, he bull back the arrow and he................
3: Having his eyes on his prize, he pulled back the arrow and he lined up his target.
4: Pulling his arrow back he wouldn’t take his eye off the target.
5: As focused as he can be, he pulled the arrow back then BAM!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

London Olympics 2012

London is where the Olympics are being held for 2012. We watched a great video about the upcoming London Olympics. This year, there could be a return from famous athletes such as Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt, to defend their titles.

New sparkling venues are very important for the athletes because without venues they can’t compete. So here are some venues for the 2012 Olympics. Wimbledon for the Tennis. City Central for the bike racing and running.   

According to legend, the Olympics were created to honour the god of Olympia....... Zeus. The first olympics were held in Greece. Back then, they didn’t get medals for winning, they received an olive branch.

Ever since the previous Olympics in London (1908 and 1948), I know this year, the Olympics are going to be very close in the events and it will come down to nail biting finishes. The events I am looking forward to are Diving, Javelin, Track and Field and High Jump.

I am really looking forward to Michael Phelps’ return. From USA and only 27 years old, he is a 16 time Olympic medal holder. He is the best swimmer I know. The person I’m looking forward to in the track and field events is Usain Bolt. HE IS THE FASTEST MAN IN THE WORLD!  The lady that I’m looking forward to is the great shot put queen, Valerie Vili. She is the best Shot-putter IN THE WORLD!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Brown Brother

In my reading task for this week, I heard a speech called Brown Brother presented by Joshua Iosefo. He really inspired me from that speech.  Because he told everyone that it doesn't matter if your brown, black, white or tan, because we are all a family when it comes to living our life. Thats why he is a prefect at his school. Click on this link to go to the speech.