Thursday, July 22, 2010


Every Monday Night,or Friday night WWE goes live on air. WWE (world wrestling entertainment) is a wrestling show that millions of fans (like me) tune into watch WWE shows NXT, ECW, RAW and Smackdown. Vincent Kennedy McMahon runs the WWE and once he was a superstar and a champion but it was the ECW (extreme champions wrestling) when he beat a superstar called Bobby Lashley because he had a help from his son Shane McMahon and for another superstar Umaga. John Cena is one of the strongest in WWE. There is many paper-views but four main ones. First Survivor Series then the biggest party of the summer, Summerslam. A few months later it is the Royal Rumble and its every man on himself. The last one is the grand daddy of them all Wrestlmania. Thats all the WWE and you should watch it yourself.

Immersion Assembly

Every start of the term (except for the first term) we always have a different topic to learn about. This term we are learning about Mighty Mariners. Mighty Mariners are about famous old and modern travelers like Columbus but also Jessica Watson.

First Mr.Burt introduced Team 1 to the stage but they didn't go onto the stage they were just sitting down with fake paddles and pretending to paddle. There was a movie, about the seven wakas coming to New Zealand, playing while they were pretending to paddle and Kingston was on of the animators.

There was plenty of that acting but my favourite team was team 4 because they were original because and had a family Eric the Red and Leif Erickson. They were Vikings.

I am always looking forward to our Immersion Assemblies because I always want to know what we are learning about. This term is Mighty Mariners.

Lachlan Coote vs Lote Tiqiri

Lachlan Coote for the Penrith Panthers is on of the most spectacular but youngest NRL players around. But now there is Lote Tiqiri that plays for West Tigers is just unbelievable with his matter of skill that he has and uses. If these two men played for the same team,like Vodafone Warriors they will be unstoppable with Kevin Locke, Lance Hohia and many more. Lote has played union in his past career before he came to NRL while Lachlan Coote has played for Panthers since he debut. Lote now is one of the top try-scores in NRL this time but the leading try-scorer is I think Brett Morris or Lachlan Coote. These two men have had marvelous pass careers playing in NRL and I hope if the Panthers make it to the Grand Final, I hope Coote can get the winning try against the Warriors.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Dream Team

NRL (national rugby league) is very entertaining with it continuing since 1908 to 2010! Can you believe that. Here is my dream team for 2010. Fullback Billy " the kid" Slater wingers Brett Morris (above) and Jarryd Hayne . Centers are Israel Folau and Greg Inglis and he is like me Gabriel Inia. Im the next G.I. Halfs are Benji Mashall and Cooper Cronk. Props Petro Civonaceva and Fuifui Moimoi. Hooker Matt Ballin. Second rows Jamal Idris and Simon Mannering (C). Lock Jared-Wawaera Hargraves. Reserves are Matt Bowen, Daniel Vidot, Ben Hannet and Russell Packer. Thats my dream team. They are called Thunder Storms

Monday, July 19, 2010

Twilight Saga Eclipse

In the holidays we went to the movies. At the movies me and my sister watched the Twilight Saga Eclipse. It is about these new born vampires when their leader Victoria (the bad one) bites this missing teenager and his name is Riley. Then he goes around the town and starts turning everyone into new born vampires. The good vampires (the Cullens) have one person in their family that knows how to destroy the new born vampires and his name is Jasper. Then the werewolf's joined in to help and Jacob (the leader) said "at least we get to kill some vampires" because werewolf's hate vampires. When the war between the new born vampires vs the Cullens and the werewolf's the new born vampires emerged out of the sea and started the war. While the war was going Victoria went to find the rest of the Cullens and they were on the top of the hill. Edward (the protecter of Bella) was fighting with Riley to try and protect Bella. Seth (the new werewolf) came and was trying to hold Victoria back until Riley was dead. Finally Riley was dead and straight after that Edward defeated Victoria. But when they thought the war was all over there was one more new born. Jacob tried to kill him but he got his rips broken. Carlise (the father) was a nurse so he went and helped Jacob then he was screaming because it was painful. Bella walked in and tried to calm down Jacob and so she did. Then it finished.
Thats what happened and thats the end.

Active Earth

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Monday Night RAW!

Every Friday night Raw goes live on the air. All the wrestlers you like including John Cena, Randy Ortan, Triple H and many more. JR (Jerry 'the king' Lawler) and Michael Cole are the commentators and for Smack-down it is Matt Striker. There are many superstars one the roster from the draft. Drafts are when people trade from the shows like Smack-down and Raw. In this years draft Raw got more people to come from Smack-down to Raw. WWE superstars like R-Truth, John Morrison and Edge. John Cena is the strongest in the WWE and Raw but he doesn't really go that hard. There is many entertainment when you watch Raw or Smack-down but it can only work if you have Sky.