Monday, December 9, 2013

Yr 8 Camp

"YES!" I cheered to myself. It was Tuesday morning and we were off to my hometown, Rotorua. I was so excited to go and I couldn't wait. We quickly loaded the bus and we were on our way.

               "When the night, has come!" The boys were loaded on the bus. We started singing Stand By Me, but as time rolled on, we got over singing. We had been driving for about 2 hours we stopped at a lakeside. Everyone was keen to have a swim but the teachers said no. So we just skimmed the rocks instead. After a half an hour we got back on the bus. We drove another 1 hour, by this time is was getting a headache. We stopped and walked over a dam.

               "Yes, boys we are in Rotorua." I said to the bus. After 5 hours or bus riding, we finally hit Rotorua. We drove straight to the camp grounds. Unloaded the buses and went to Mt Ngonotaha. We went on an hour walk through the bushes. It was quite an experience for some, but not for me because I had already been there. I was still alright. After the walk we went to the camp grounds for free time. It was so cool on the first day, but that was it. It was just dinner then bed.

               On day two, I had a great start to the morning with a nice breakfast. We then went to the crescent creek to have a swim. The thing that surprised me about this creek was that the water was fresh and warm like a bath. It was so nice to everyone. We then went to the Argodome to watch the sheep shaving and all the wooly sheep. It was so amazing but at the same time it was uncomfortable because there were stones in my undies from the creek but the show was still cool. We went home after that then we practiced our item. Then had dinner and the watched Pitch Perfect. It was cool. 

              Day three was another good start to the day. We went for a walk around the blue lake. Despite the rain and the muddy footpath it was still a good walk. After the walk we went and had a swim in the blu lake. Jumping off the pontoon into the icy cold water. We then went back to the camp site to get have a rest. We then went to my favorite place in Rotorua, the Aquatics Centre. Bombing is allowed thats why I love it. After that we just went home, had dinner and went to sleep. 

               The final day, day four was exciting for me. It was time to hit the luge. The luge was exhilarating. The speed of it was amazing. After the ride we came back up on the chairlift. Me and Roman were shaking it up and down. When we got back up, I went to the jelly belly factory. My favorite jelly bean was the melon one. After that we went home.

             The highlight of the trip for me was definitely the luge ride. I hope that when I go down in the Christmas Holidays I can go back.  

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